BIOL_EN / FS 4160/ 7160: Food Process Engineering

Food engineering is an interdisciplinary field that connects agricultural and biological engineering, chemical engineering, food science, biochemistry, human nutrition, and other fields involving food systems to improve the health of people and planet. The course introduces underlying engineering principles in food processing, and unit operations in food industries. Topics include fluid flow, heat transfer in food processing, preservation process, dehydration, refrigeration, food freezing, psychrometrics, food packaging, emerging technologies, and sustainability.

Credit Hours: 3
(Cross listed with Food Science)

F_S 4301:Topics in Food science
GN_HON 4070H: Advanced Honors Elective Colloquium

This course is offered to MU  students as a part of Deaton  Scholars Program. You are provided with a unique opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary student group focused on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2): Zero Hunger.

Credit Hours: 3
(To be cross listed with BE)