Dr. Levente Diosady University of Toronto, Post-Doc Adviser
Dr. Venkatesh Mannar Former President Micronutrient Initiative, Mentor
Dr. Vijaya Raghavan McGill University, Mentor
Dr. Valerie Orsat McGill University, PhD Adviser
Dr. Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy McGill University, Mentor
Dr. Alice Cherestes McGill University, Mentor

Dr. R. Kailappan

Dr. K. Thangavel

Dr. N. Varadharaju

Dr. R. Visvanathan

Dr.R. Kasthuri

Dr.J. Kennedy

Centre for Post Harvest Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

Food Engineering Icons

Dr. R. Paul Singh (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Food Engineering, UC - Davis) @IFT 2019, New Orleans
Dr. Dennis R. Heldman (Received Life Time Achievement -Nicolas Appert Award- IFT 2018), and Dr. Kiruba Krishnaswamy (Inducted into Emerging Leaders Network - IFT 2018), Chicago