The world has enough food to feed the entire population. But 1/3rd of the food produced is lost or wasted, annually. 

Hidden hunger, due to micro-nutrient deficiency, affects more than 2 billion people. It affects both the spectrum leading to double burden of malnutrition. 

FEAST research group uses sustainable food process engineering to address the two interconnected challenges of  food and nutrition security.

  • Value addition to food loss/waste

  • Post-harvest processing of fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, underutilized agro-forestry crops and medicinal plants 
  • Fortification of foods with micro-nutrients (vitamins & minerals) eg. iron, zinc, iodine, folic acid, vitamin B12 to prevent hidden hunger / malnutrition

  • Process development and scaling-up of therapeutic fortified foods

  • Nano /micro- encapsulation based oral delivery systems for micro-nutrients & medicinal bio-active compounds 
  • Green nanotechnology
Green circle