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[N 1]          COE News: Researcher helps AAAS, HBCU group envision a zero hunger world. 2021.

[N 2]          COE News: Developing tastier, healthier soy-based products. 2021.

[N 3]          IFT News:

[N 4]          CAFNR News:

[N 5]          Venturewell – World Food Day 2020:

[N 6]          Venturewell – Faculty grants 2020:

[N 7]          The Maneater:

[N 8]          E4C News: 2020

[N 9]          Hindustan Times (Indian Newspaper): Salt from Canada to help end anemia in Uttar Pradesh.

[N 10]      U of T News: Double-fortified salt – developed by U of T research – fights iron deficiency in India.

[N 11]      CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation):  Iron-rich salt — developed at U of T — is combating India’s anemia epidemic.