Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

 *Corresponding Author; Undergraduate students, Graduate Students

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Book Chapters

[B 1]          Oluwasegun Modupe, Kiruba Krishnaswamy, Juveria Siddiqui, Yao Olive Li, and Levente L Diosady. “Chapter 32- Development and scale-up of microencapsulation-based technology for multi-micronutrient fortification of salt.” In Microencapsulation in the Food Industry (Second Edition). Pages 529-553, Academic Press, 2023.

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Pedagogical Scholarly Contributions

[P 1]           Ozkan, Mihrimah, Krishnaswamy, Kiruba, & Walsh, Jay. The Intersections of Innovation: Unlock the Power of Creativity and Innovation. National Academy of Inventors (NAI), Technology and Innovation Journal, 2023 (Invited paper: under Final Review)


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